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Guangdong University of Foreign Studies is a distinctive international teaching and research university, is an international personnel training and foreign language, an important base for international trade research, its predecessor is Guangzhou Foreign Languages Institute and the Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Trade. Guangzhou Foreign Languages Institute was founded in 1965, is the former State Education Commission (now the Ministry of Education) directly under the institution, since January 1, 1995 onwards the management vested in Guangdong Province; Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Trade was established in 1980, is the former State Ministry of Foreign Trade ( now the Ministry of Commerce) directly under the institutions, since September 1, 1994 onwards the management vested in Guangdong Province. In June 1995, Guangzhou Foreign Languages Institute and the Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Trade merged to form the Guangdong University of Foreign !E ouseover="'#ebeff9'" title=2008年10月,广东财经职业学院划转广东外语外贸大学管理。 onmouseout="'#fff'">In October 2008, Guangdong Vocational College of Finance transferred the management of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.
Schools, the existing three campuses, with a total area of 2290 mu, of which the north campus is located in the national scenic area in Guangzhou city, the northern foot of Baiyun Mountain, covers an area of 939 acres; the South Campus is located in Guangzhou University City, covers an area of 1095 mu; Dalang Campus is located in the Lang, Guangzhou City, covers an area of 256 acres. Campus, small bridges, trees, beautiful surroundings, fresh air, is mold sentiment, education, Tuition's ideal.
Hospitals directly under the existing 20 schools, the Department: English Language and Culture Institute, the International Economic and Trade University, International Business English Language Institute, the International Institute of Business Administration, Financial Services Institute, Western Language and Culture University, School of Oriental Language and Culture, Chinese Language and Culture University, School of Law, English Institute of Education, College of Information Science and Technology, Politics and Public Administration College of Higher translation College of Journalism and Communication College of Arts, MBA Education Center, the sports department, continuing education (public) Institute, the International College (go abroad for training department), study Health and Education. With 53 undergraduate majors: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian - Malay, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, international economic and trade, finance science, economics, financial engineering, insurance, business English, international business, accounting, financial management, taxation, marketing, business management, human resources management, logistics management, e-commerce, Chinese Language, Chinese Language, Chinese Language and Literature, law, foreign affairs, International politics, education, computer science and technology, software engineering, statistics, mathematics and applied mathematics, information management and information systems, network engineering, utility management, administration, applied psychology, social work, Translation, Journalism, Advertising, broadcasting, and I sponsored the arts, music performances, art design, music school, dance school.
School of existing literature, economics, management, law, engineering, science, education seven disciplines, with Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, a state-level key disciplines, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, French Language Literature, English Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, International Trade, Comparative Literature and World Literature, and 6 provincial key disciplines. Received a master's degree awarded in 1981 the right to grant the right of a doctorate in 1986, is China's resumption of graduate students early access to the system of masters and doctorate conferred by one of the units. Existing foreign language and literature, a doctoral-level subjects, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, French Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Japanese language and literature, translation studies, comparative cultural studies, Russian language and literature and other disciplines 7 2 Dr point; a foreign language and literature and a master's degree disciplines, Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, International Trade, business management, accounting , Literature and Arts, the world economy, regional economics, international law, Civil and Commercial Law Studies, Comparative Literature and World Literature, international relations, ideological and political education, Spanish language and literature, Asian and African Language and Literature, Translation Studies, Business English Studies, European Studies , comparative cultural studies, foreign language teaching techniques and assessment of 24 points, two master's degree disciplines. In addition, business management, translation, law, Chinese Language Council International master's degree in education and other four points.
Schools offer foreign language and literature and post-doctoral research center, the Ministry of Education college humanities and social sciences key research base - Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Research Center and the Ministry of Education, colleges and universities undergraduate foreign non-universal language training base - non-universal language Teaching and Research Center. A total of non-universal language groups (Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian four languages), English, French, international economic and trade, marketing, accounting and other specialty construction features six points, the Ministry of Education, Communicative English, English, voice, English interpreter, French interpreter, etc. four state-level fine courses, Introduction to the contemporary business model a national bilingual education program. Foreign Literature and Culture Research Center, International Trade and Economic Research Center, Translation Studies Research Center three research institutes in Guangdong Province, College of Humanities and Social sciences key research base, English, French, international trade, finance, Japanese, marketing, accounting , business administration, etc. 8 Professional is a  !E gdong Province. Public offering of four kinds of academic journals, including "modern foreign language", "explore the international trade," Journal of Social Science hundred across the country. In addition, there State University Students Cultural Quality Education Base.
School to practice the "Ming is still OK, learning both Chinese and Western" school training in order to cultivate high-quality global citizens mission, efforts to promote foreign language and professional integration, training and skills diversification, the "double high" (thinking of high-quality, professional a high level), "two strong" (cross-cultural communication ability, ability to use information technology), with an international outlook and sense of innovation, can directly participate in international cooperation and competition in international talents. The school level of education and personnel training quality of the community widely recognized and fully affirmed in 2003, the Ministry of Education evaluation of the level of undergraduate teaching was rated excellent condition. School for more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, enrollment, enrollment were the first batch. Schools set up to meet the professional needs of society, graduates deeply soc !E in the top institutions of higher learning in Guangdong Province.
Schools, teaching conditions and good quality teaching and learning environment, the existing fixed assets of about 2.5 billion. Build advanced campus network and management platform, has a total area of 50002 more than 1000 square meters of laboratories, including e-commerce and computing accounting, broadband multi-media teaching system, 2 provincial key laboratories, digital language experimental teaching demonstration center, broadband multi-media experimental teaching demonstration centers, digital transmission with the experimental teaching demonstration centers, international economics and management centers of excellence in teaching experiments four provincial-level teaching demonstration centers, EDI in international trade panoramic Simulation Laboratory, journalism lab, Art Creative Labs , lighting, audio laboratories, computer laboratories and all kinds of language laboratories and so on. The premises of two campus libraries total area is 5 million square meters, the whole museum practice Tibetan, borrow, read, research integration, open style of management, the main service area readers to open up to 81 hours per week. The existing collection of more than 200 million copies of books, 3237 copies of foreign newspapers and magazines, 26 foreign network database of resources, has achieved 16 languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, Russia , Korean, Arabic, Portuguese, Esperanto, Greek) collections procurement, cataloging, circulation and retrieval of network integrated management.
Schools within the current total of 1277 full-time teachers, including professors, associate professors compared to 41% have master's degrees or higher compared to 79.6%. In addition, employing more than 80-bit and 60 visiting professor at a number of long-term foreign experts. Many experts and scholars as the national and provincial leadership positions in academic groups, or where the disciplinary authority of the publication of international editorial board or a special reviewer appointed, or employed as state organs and enterprises at all levels, a consultant or consulting experts. The existing 20220 people in school full-time undergraduate students, junior college students in 1968 who, Ph.D., MS, 1381 people, all kinds of adults, the specialist health, education and training, health, foreign students 16082 people.
Schools vigorously implement the strategy of internationalization of education, and actively promote the internationalization of teachers, students international, research and management of international internationalization. To date, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Chile, Cuba, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other countries and regions about 130 universities and academic and cultural institutions have established cooperation and exchange relations. Has officially opened three overseas Confucius Institute: Confucius Institute at the University of Sapporo, Japan, Russia, Ural University Confucius Institute, Peru, Santa Maria Catholic University Confucius Institute.
Article statistics to October 31, 2009.

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